9th Cavalry Regiment - Apocalypse Now

Continue in war movies Apocalypse Now and its famous 9th Cavalry. Very nice squad of this unit to the Lego MOC format.

The 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry was the reconnaissance squadron of the First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War. As such, he was systematically engaged in combat and neutralized more enemies than the rest from other units of the First Cavalry. Each of reconnaissance troops was divided into three sections: The Red team, made helicopter gunships used artillery. The White & team, consisting of helicopters reconnaissance.L'équipe Blue, consisting of infantry and UH-1 transport helicopters. The infantry platoons were heavily armed, as they were often deposited in the middle of enemy activity. They wore double the number of M-60 machine gun and the grenade launcher in comparison to regular infantry units. The infantrymen of the 1st to 9th wore distinctive blue bandanas in the field, as opposed to the yellow worn by the rest of the Cav for ceremonies. The books of Matthew Brennan "Brennan war" and "Headhunters" cover both life and death in the 1st of the 9th detail.




Source : OIF Retread

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