Community Lego MOC

The AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego), short big kids, are a very active community, and many specialized blogs are working to present you the latest developments. For our avid readers to always find more information about their passion, you will find below what we consider as the main quality blogs on the subject, or simply our favorite heart.

The Lego Car Blog (EN) : Their specialty? Find the best Lego constructions, yes but cars only! This blog in English regularly posts news, and with them no old models! Everything is "fresh" and just posted on the Web. One of the most interesting blogs for fans of Lego reproductions.

Lego (R) by Alkinoos (FR) : Very nice site of a purist who presents the set of reviews and its own JI projects. The plus? The staging BD format achievements in LEGO bricks!

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