Lego American Civil War - Battle of Little Round Top - 1863

The Battle of Gettysburg, which took place 150 years ago, was a crucial turning point in the American Civil War. This was the time when the Confederates were the closest to winning a significant victory over the Union, with the independence issue. The Union, however stood firm and won after three days of brutal fighting.

One of the key moments of this fight took place July 2, 1863 in the hills of Little Round Top.La 3rd Brigade of the 1st Division of the V Corps, under the command of Colonel Strong Vincent, arrived just in time to hold the line against Brigade Division of General John Bell Hood. On the left flank of the Union Army, the 20th Maine Regiment under the command of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain has withstood two attacks by the 15th Infantry Regiment of Alabama. Short of ammunition, Chamberlain then led a courageous bayonet charge which cleared the ground and helped secure victory at Little Round Top.

Colonel William C. Oates led the 15th Infantry Regiment of Alabama at Little Round Top. The regiment had made a forced march many kilometers to reach the battlefield, before committing the attack directly. They were forced to attack the climb under intense heat, without water. The only advantage that was given to them is to fight was with a workforce of 2 against 1, be more than 600 men. The fight was brutal, sometimes melee. The bayonet charge of the 20th Maine was the end of the 15th Regiment who became annihilated.

Although this slide represents the 20th regiment, he was not the only regiment engaged that day. The 16th Michigan, New York 44th and 83rd Pennsylvania also showed extraordinary bravery and suffered terrible losses, including Col. Strong Vincent himself, fell in defending its positions.

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