Lego Ford Mustang by Erol

Today, it is not one but two Mustang are in the spotlight! A fastback and convertible!

Who does not know the brand horse? Ford Mustang in this gallery are models I of 1964 to the convertible version (convertible) and the 1965 Fastback This latest model has starred in the movie "Bullit" which earned its pedigree to the Mustang Fastback, recognizable by its rows where l’trunk space classical is elongated for more internal volume as well as giving external lines similar to those of the second series the Corvette Sting Ray et sports cars European as the Jaguar Type E.

Source : Erol

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1 response to “Lego Ford Mustang by Erol”

  1. Robin says:

    This white version doesn't carry the classic mustang appearance. I prefer the Lego 10265 model.

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