Lego Gendarmerie Nationale

I love YAZYAS, even if his name is hard to pronounce. It is the first to have a minifig customization of the national gendarmerie. A favorite for the kepi that particular mastery. The coat is also very clean is well detailed.

The cap is also well made. I hope to have the chance one day to publish on this site a little interview with YAZYAS so that he can tell us some of his secrets 😉 Enough nonsense, here is the gallery:

Update: A version with a Gendarme riot helmet & baton to complete his gallery!

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5 responses to “Lego Gendarmerie Nationale”

  1. Franck says:

    Ah well, my friend is famous! :p yeah I approached it closely 😉

  2. Franck says:

    PS: for the interview, I am his agent… you have to contact me lol

  3. Marion says:

    Hello, I would like to know if you made the gendarmerie figurines for sale because I have been looking for some for a long time, if so, what are the figures, thank you

  4. Marie says:

    Bonjour ,
    I would be very interested to know if you sell these figurines? I would like to offer one of them but cannot find one in stores. The gendarme and his cap are truly magnificent!

  5. Tommy Hansen's says:

    Hello, I am a Belgian police officer. Is it possible to buy?
    Thank you

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