Napoleonic Wars Lego figurines

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  • The charge of the Scots Grey – Waterloo – Diorama LegoLa Charge des Scots Greys - Waterloo - Diorama Lego
    The charge of the Scots Gray (Scottish Cavalry) during the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815, is one of the most famous in history. Initially in reserve for the battle, the British commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel James Hamilton, ordered the charge on his own when he observed British infantry units beginning to...
  • Napoleon - the return of Elba Lego VersionNapoléon - le retour de l'île d'Elbe version Lego
    This skit was performed for the celebration of 200 years of painting of Karl von Steuben - Napoleon's return from Elba. The scene shows the 5th Regiment March 7, 1815, rejecting their commitment to King Louis VIII to swear loyalty to their former Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte In the quest ...

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