Lego WW2 - German Army

There are many color variations to represent the varied uniforms of the German army. The application of decals to ensure the quality of the rendering. Equipped with a Stalhem helmet, an MP 40 machine gun or a Mauser K98 rifle, here are the basic elements to create your German Soldier. Concerning the equipment, you can find Lego© compatible parts on the Brickarms (US) sites or at BrickForge (US). You can also find Lego compatible figures and accessories.

The soldiers

or The vehicles

Werhmacht Soldiers Figurines

Lego soldier Wehrmacht
The most common color code is the Light Bluish Gray (color code 290).
Darker, you can also use the Dark Bluish Gray (463).

available for purchase:

German Soldiers Figures Russian Campaign

available for purchase:


Figurines Paratroopers / Parachutistes

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German Tank Driver Figurines

Lego Equipage Panzer

Soldats de la Heer Figurines

Lego Soldier Lord

Soldats figurines of the African Korps

Lego Soldier African Corps
The most common code is the color Tan (1011).

German WW2 Vehicles in Bricks

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