Lego Spring Breakers by Citizen Brick

For this new year, I spring a little heated, but ... You do not mind! Spring Breakers that speak as film?

Well OK the film was not a hit, and the synopsis does not frankly want to go further ... But the 4 actresses worth visiting, I named Vanessa Hudgens,
Selena Gomez (yes the ex singer Justin Biber!), Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine. Citizen Brick set makes their honor. I let you enjoy!

Source : Citizen Brick

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3 responses to “Lego Spring Breakers by Citizen Brick”

  1. Casey Rybrick says:

    Hello !

    Savez vous où je peux trouver ce set ? Grand fan de citizen brick, je collectionne toutes leur minifigs… Mais jai raté celles ci ! Citizen Brick m’a informé qu’il n’en avait plus 🙁
    Please Help me !

    Pending read you!


    • Admin says:

      Bonjour Casey,

      Oddly this set had a lot of success! It does not seem to have recently seen me at some dealers, the last remaining solution ebay.

  2. Casey Rybrick says:

    Thank you very much for your answer ! In the meantime I am taking this set if someone sees this post and wants to get rid of, here is my mail: (Even if it's in 10 years lol)

    Thank you

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