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At BrickMafia, our teams are dedicated to search for you the best MOC of the canvas. Sometimes it is laborious to find new ideas, or just the topics that you did not even dare imager! Help us to spread our passion! For this, it is however necessary to follow certain rules:

Quality: We try our best to share the best, ie photo quality on top, with a nice size to avoid war pixel. Ditto for the quality of implementation, especially for fans of paintings ...

Provenance : Nudes are not racist clones of our favorite brand of bricks, some parts or accessories are clearly innovative. However it is important to specify when your submissions, Lego ... or not.

Attribution: It is not necessary that the creation is yours. By cons it is important to always indicate the paternity of a JI. Thank you for the kindness that the source / creator under penalty of not seeing you publish.

That's all! Easy right? If you have found a design that meets all requirements, thank you contact us via the comments below.

6 responses to “Submit your MOCs”

  1. Alex says:

    Hello I would like to buy Lego assassin's creed figurines where can I find them.

    Thank you

  2. Admin says:

    Hello Alex,

    Since Lego does not offer a license for Assassin’s Creed, you have two solutions:

    – Make them yourself! Many decals and MOCs revolve around the universe. Saber Scorpion, for example, offers decals on its site that could inspire you. ici

    – Wait for Chinese resellers to produce figurines using the license.

    The first solution is nevertheless the nicest!

  3. Franck says:

    Bonjour ^^

    since you published some of my photos (ok by mentioning my name and flickr site :p; it would have been nice to leave a message), I suggest you look at the following link, because I don't think there are many of us who talk about it 😉

    😉 thanks anyway :p!

  4. Admin says:

    Hello Frank,

    thank you for your message and your work. If you would like us to get in touch to discuss your achievements, it would be a pleasure! And yes we always indicate the sources of the MOCs, we must pay tribute to the creators 😉

  5. Jabri says:


    I created different dioramas themed around the Jurassic Park saga and the novels by Michael Crichton (author of the Jurassic Park novels). Would it be possible to share them with you by email?

    Tom-Idriss Jebri

  6. Good evening,
    Loving Lego and Napoleon, I create minifigs of the Napoleonic armies and have just opened a dedicated accessories store.
    Can I share some of my creations?

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