Instruction Bren Universal Carrier – LEGO WW2

Production: Le Mk.I de 1934

The first MK.VIs commissioned for the British army unit serving as scouts, transport, transportation machine guns, transporting artillery and mortars.

Later, experience has shown that a single flexible model was preferable. Compared to the previous tankettes Carden-Lloyd Mk.VI, they were enlarged, with a crew now at the front, a driver and a gunner, and a large open gallery with a rounded end for all types of loads. Up to five infantrymen and could be deployed quickly. But the actual production of the final standard "Bren Universal Carrier" and the first deliveries (Mk.II) occurred in 1940, just in time for the campaign in France.

Evolution: Le Mk.II

The caterpillars were Mk.II the production version of the many "supports" that were built from 1935 to 1940. This was a standard square gallery, and was versatile enough to accommodate all types of warheads easily. They were always equipped with a towing device. The Mk.II was the product, from 1940 to 1945 in Britain and the Commonwealth and Canada under various licenses. Their speed and agility, but above all, an extraordinary versatility, became legendary, despite their lack of heavy armor and weapons. Infantry battalions were 10-33 copies of them from 1940-1943, and motorized artillery battalions were fully equipped with these vehicles.

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