The Lego minifigures, a wide choice of customization

Lego Minifigs are composed of six parts, the head, arms, hands, torso, hips and legs, allowing more points of movement, head, arms, hands and feet.

Since inception some variants have been particularly proposed at the heads, legs and hips You can find variants with springs in the legs (lego NBA series). Also women with skirts were commonly illustrated using a vertical brick 3x1x4 with a downside. In addition, a pair of miniature legs were designed for smaller figurines such as Yoda or Hobbits.


The decals and accessories complement the standard Lego minifig. The list of accessories is very broad, elements for the head (helmets, hair ...) for the body (such as backpacks or capes), or cloth items such as firearms cases and bathrobes . Decals are design element and a key means of distinguishing the sex of the Lego minifig, usually on the front and back of the torso. For several years, the Lego brand offers facial variations present on opposite sides of the head, but also on the arms and legs of the figures.

Lego has also produced additional elements with figurines of ghosts and skeletons.

On your side, you can easily design your own figurine by printing patterns.

You will find attached a template to size:


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