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Description :

BrickForge is a parts reseller Custom Lego © compliant. Where Lego © did not want to embark on military and historical figures, dealers BrickForge as did their business.

Site Internet : Boutique BrickForge
Twitter : Twitter BrickForge
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Their themes:
Heroic Fantasy

Un concept:

My opinion of BrickForge


  • Regular updating of the website and products
  • Complete sets for minifigs
  • The Overstocks - $ 0.30
  • L’idée de la gamme Rigged
  • A fairly wide variety for all tastes

# # Disadvantages

  • La Gamme Rigged WW2 ne m’a pas convaincu
  • The garish must love ...

Verdict: Buy without moderation
And you, what do you think?

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