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  • Lego Diorama – Entrenched American CampLego Diorama - Entrenched American Camp
    Superb diorama by Chris Woolsey which perfectly transcribes the “game of hide and seek” between American troops and the Vietcong. The presence of the “Huey” adds a dimension to the scene. The American combat helicopter has become a symbol of this conflict through all the missions carried out (troop transport, medical support, heavy weapons support, etc.). The squad ...
  • 9th Cavalry Regiment - Apocalypse Now9th Cavalry Regiment - Apocalypse Now
    Continue in war movies Apocalypse Now and its famous 9th Cavalry. Very nice squad of this unit to the Lego MOC format. The 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry was the reconnaissance squadron of the First Cavalry Division during the Vietnam War. As such, it was systematically ...
  • USMC – Full Metal Jacket – LegoUSMC - Full Metal Jacket - Lego
    Let’s get moving, recruits! Little scene which is reminiscent of the brilliant “Full Metal Jacket”. “You’re taking me out of my way to suck milk out of my ass!” Source: Jonathan Gilbert

Sources, thank you to them:
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