Motos et American Choppers – Lego

So there was very heavy! Motorcycles and choppers with great variations. Big favorite of the week, especially on the use of coins. Really a very interesting gallery that will give you ideas. VROUUUUM

For those who do not know, the chopper is a type of bike that is either modified from a design of the bike of origin or built from scratch to have a unique appearance. Some choppers characteristics are long extended forks often coupled with an increased angle of inclination, a semi-rigid frames and very elongated handlebars or very short.

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Michael Jasper

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1 response to “Motos et American Choppers – Lego”

  1. Ben says:

    These models are great, I would love to make similar ones, my daughter is building a small town with stores, and a motorcycle store would be nice!
    are there any plans?

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