Peugeot 403 – Columbo – Lego

Designed by Pininfarina, this is achieved while Lego bricks, the Peugeot 403, the car of French popular family debuted in 1955. It was available in several versions: sedan, convertible, wagon and even van.

The first episode of the adventures of Lieutenant Columbo, played by Peter Falk, was released in February 1968 on NBC. The policeman, who became famous in the eyes of the American public in part by his strange car was traveling in a gray convertible model 1960 registered "California 044 ODA". The 403, which was used in the first series of episodes, was spotted in the garages of the film studio by the actor himself and chosen by him for the purpose of filming. Such a vehicle was particularly exotic and popular in the eyes of the American public that was intended this series.

thanks to Michael Jasper

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2 responses to “Peugeot 403 – Columbo – Lego”

  1. Monti Seas says:

    I was curious what lego pieces you used for the gril of the car. I can’t make it out at the angels of the pictures you have.

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